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i just dont know how apparently alot of people know I just dont main reason is the only one you get is a fossil and does not have it and I think it either has its hidden ability or you breed one that does I just ask cause nobody seems to have post anything about it so please comment and solve my question thank you.

Can you soft reset in USUM in order to get a HA tyrunt?

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Unfortunately, you cannot get Rock Head on Tyrunt or Tyrantrum at the moment.

It is possible that Nintendo will release a method of getting a Tyrunt or Tyrantrum with Rock Head in the future, but at the moment it is not possible as the only Tyrunt in the game is the fossil Tyrunt that always has Strong Jaw.

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i can understand this but how do people that it has it if does'nt yet?
They know because one of the trainers in the Battle Maison uses a Tyrantrum with the ability.
That comment was a little hard to understand, if you meant something else let me know.
what about breeding.