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I am trying to breed a Tyrunt with Sturdy so I can get a Rock Head Tyrantrum and I want to know if there is a reliable way to get it to have its HA? I have a Rock Head Tyrantrum and Ive been using it to breed for this for awhile and no luck. Is it just random or am I doing something wrong?

I'm pretty sure you're doing everything right and you just have to keep trying until it works.
"I am trying to breed a Tyrunt with Sturdy so I can get a Rock Head Tyrantrum".
"I have a Rock Head Tyrantrum and I've been using it".

Explain yourself.
Not every rock head Tyrantrum can do everything. Maybe the one he/she/it has right now has bad moves or a bad nature.
I wanted to breed Tyrunts off the Tyrantrum I have since I am borrowing it from a friend. I figured out my issue though. The Tyrantrum was male and I didnt know the ability tranfers works for females unless you breed with a ditto. First Egg after I changed it I got a sturdy Tyrunt. Kinda new to breeding so Im still learning.
The Tyrantrum also has a terrible nature so I wanted a different one as well so yeah
I figured it out. Thank you!
The question is resolved for the asker, though I’ll leave it up so there’ll be an answer if others have the same question.
@Big Vass Mendez - Okay. Good luck.


The "Oval Charm" increases the chance of an Egg being found at the Pokémon Day Care/Pokémon Nursery. https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Oval_Charm

Having a Pokemon with the Ability "Flame Body" or "Magma Armour" in your party will halve the amount of steps it takes for an egg to hatch. This effect does not stack with itself or Magma Armor; however, it can be stacked with Hatching Power Pass Power, O-Power, or Roto Hatch.

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Ok so let's go through the best way to do this - If you get a Ditto with the nature you want on your baby Tyrunt, you can breed this with the Tyrantrum and the baby will have a chance of having the HA sturdy. Also, if the Ditto has an Everstone, the baby is guaranteed to have the same nature as it. The HA has a chance to be passed down whatever the gender of the parent (60% for a Female Tyrantrum and 40% for Male). Otherwise, you're all set. There is always a chance for the HA when breeding with Ditto. But if the TTrum is Male, the chances are lower than a female. Or you could GTS I suppose. Your doing everything correct, you're just unlucky XD