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I am trying to breed a Rock Head + Dragon Dance Tyrunt to use on competitive. I have Dragon Dance on a Female Tyrunt, and I also have a Male Bagon with Rock Head. My question is: If I breed these two together, I know I will get a Tyrunt with Dragon Dance, but will it have a chance of getting Rock Head? I can use GTS and just ask for loads of Tyrunts until I get one with Rock Head, but I'd rather not. Does anyone have any suggestions?

If you say use a male Tyrunt and Female Bagon, it won't work - eggs hatch into the Female Pokemon
Just so you know, Tyrunt's hidden ability is sturdy, not rock head.
What? Oh - does it change to rock head when Tyrunt evolves?
Yes. (6 characters)

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Hidden Abilities must originate in the specie of Pokemon you are attempting to breed. You cannot transfer Rock Head from Bagon to Tyrunt. You must obtain a Tyrunt that already has Rock Head in order to pass it down.

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Thanks so much!