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I just wonder because I don't think so. For all we know, I am wrong.

Everything is usable anywhere. But some things are plain poop when not under the right field conditions.
Mega Swampert should be played with rain, this is my opinion. Great teammates are Politoed for the auto-rain, albeit for 8 turns (damp rock please), Kingdra which covers grass and hits special while abusing rain like MSwampert and Ludicolo which is very similar to Kingdra although adding grass STAB and Leech Seed to the team. Electric types are great too, for perfect accuracy of Thunder, which makes Thundurus a good teammate.

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Verdict: It is playable outside the rain, but it does not do well.
Swampert has the bulk to set up its own rain easily, and there's no reason not to. It's got near-perfect coverage with Ice Punch, Waterfall, and EQ already. So why not set up rain by yourself?

Swampert @ Swampertite
Ability: Damp -> Swift Swim
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 SpD
-Rain Dance
-Ice Punch

Standard Mega Swampy fare. He can set up Rain extremely easily due to his great bulk, and sweep rather easily. You can also run Jolly to outspeed nearly ALL THE SCARFERS.

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Well, in MSampert's Basestats, its bulky(110 base defense) and with some power as well(150 base attack), but then, it has a lacking 70 base speed. However, it CAN be usable outside of rain, but you would probably go last.

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While in the rain mega swamperts speed doubles to a base stat of 140 out speeding most Pokemon, but without the rain his base speed is 70, since mega swampert has bulky stats he can afford taking a hit and going second, but I'd reccememd putting him in rain just to be a beast and go first most of the time.

Hope I helped!