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Let's say that in a double battle I start with politoed and ludicolo . After 2 turns politoed loses and swampert enters the battle and mega evolves.Will it get the swift swim boost?(note that politoed has drizzle)


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If the rain is still active, then it will.

Swift Swim doubles the speed of a Pokemon if it is raining. Therefore, logically, Mega Swampert will get the boost.

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well while I was battling in the battle maison when swampert entered and mega evolved  it didn't get the boost in none of the turns while the rain was still active.
That's not possible. The rain must have either stopped, or your Swampert's Speed IVis VERY bad.

If you checked the Pokemon's summary in the battle, the stat change doesn't show, and your Pokemon's Speed is actually doubled.
He'll get the boost, it just won't activate on the first turn he's on the field.
It fainted on the first turn so  now it makes sense thanx