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i just got a politoed in trade and I know that it will even outspeed ninjask, but will it work? kingdra has perfect evs and decent ivs

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Yes, Kingdra hits very hard in the rain and is extremely fast, while Drizzle Politoed is one of the most influental Pokemon in the whole game, as its ability makes it and a score of other Pokemon extremely powerful.

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so now the problem is that he has to hide one of these duplicate questions :P one which you answered and the other that I answered xD
No he said he knows it will
Oh I see. Thx for catching that.
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It is a GREAT combo. For multiple reasons:
Politoed and kingdra have their water attacks boosted under rain
And as you said, kingdra is ridiculously fast under rain.
This combo is so great in fact that drizzle+swift swim is banned in many competitive environments, except ubers
Plus kingdra and politoed share no weaknesses
So YES. If it isn't banned use it.

thank you, i just got thhe politoed in gts so im gonna try it out
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Yes it is a very good combo. Kingdra has very good attack stats with Swift Swim outspeeds every opponent.
Politoad in that situation works well for support or as an additional attacker.

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my kingdra has a modest nature, so it is a special attacker, otherwise thank you