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whos a better rain maker for rain teams? Pros and cons please.

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Castform vs Politoed


Can use a bulky Cosmic Power set, but it won't work
That's about it.

It's Castform
Bad base stats (70 everything)
Good movepool but crappiest stats ever
Has to use Rain Dance to set up rain
The first con explains everything imo


OK special defense stat which means it can survive most super-effective special attacks
Has Drizzle to doesn't need Rain Dance
Can run a physical or special set
Works effectively on all rain teams
Only 2 weakness (grass and electric)

Not the greatest movepool
Not great defense stat means it can be easily OHKO'd by a physical move

Verdict: Go for Politoed because Castform sucks so much, the cons can't even be put into words.
Vague answer, I know, but hope this helps!
-It's a secret!

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Personally, I believe "It's Castform" should be on pros, however much he sucks at competitive.