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so using Drizzle and Swift Swim together are banned, but could you run something with Swift Swim on, say, an OU Sand Team, to help counter an opponents Drizzle Politoed on an OU Rain Team?


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Yes, you actually can. Let's take a look at what Smogon says:

Using both a Pokemon with Drizzle and a Pokemon with Swift Swim on the same team is banned.

Your SS isn't on the same team as the opposing Politoed, right? So you can go and use (i guees you are using) Kingdra all you want, especially with the rise of rain teams.

Have fun.

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haha why would i use Kingdra??? its not like he's the best Pokemon to have Swift Swim usable in OU or anything......
well, just an assumption xD
ha nah man ima use Floatzel on a Hail Team... in OverUsed, probably the hardest metagame to compete in.... yeah.... Floatzel seems like the obvious choice.. *pulls out .357 and shoots his team in the foot*
^ Lolwut?
why not Carracosta? Shell Smash+White Herb can add to the abuse...
Carracosta or Kingdra were the candidates i was considering. i will have to think long and hard about this....