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Say I have a (hypothetical) team of Tyranitar, Magnezone, Jolteon, Slowking, Keldeo, and Lugia. Their items are:

Lugia [Leftovers]
Tyranitar [Choice Scarf]
Jolteon [Air Balloon]
Keldeo [Life Orb]
Magnezone [Red Card]
Slowking [Assault Vest]

I register these bad boys for an official Nintendo tournament. Once the tournament begins, am I able to swap the items around, say moving the Choice Scarf from Tyranitar to Jolteon, or the Leftovers from Lugia to Slowking. This adds variety to the team and lets it function under many different circumstances. I know that this was allowed in 2010 (Gen IV), but is it still allowed in today's tournaments?

Read this article to see what I mean.


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taken straight from the Nintendo championship rules:
Battle Box Team Registration
Before the first round of a tournament, Battle Box team registration may occur. All players must set up their Battle Box, including all Pokémon and held items they intend to use, before they register for the tournament. This Battle Box will then be locked by a member of the tournament staff. After the Battle Box has been locked, players are not allowed to change their Pokémon or items at any time during a tournament. In addition, after the Battle Box is locked, players may not select "Cancel Participation" unless they intend to drop from the tournament.

Here's a link, Astro

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