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I'm talking about items that existed in earlier games like the berries from G/S/C.
I also heard of the Berserk Gene and Brick Piece from G/S/C
I want to know all or most of the items and their effects Not including Key Items

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All gems other than normal gem were discontinued in xy, as well as apricorns from g/s/c and a ton of key items
do you want key items to?

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Gen 1
X special- Raises Special attack by 1(changed to the X sp. atk)

Gen 2
Red Apricorn- Turned into a Level Ball
Yellow Apricorn- Turned into a Moon Ball
Blue Apricorn- Turned into a Lure Ball
Green Apricorn- Turned into Friend Ball
Pink Apricorn- Turned into Love Ball
White Apricorn- Turned into Fast Ball
Black Apricorn- Turned into Heavy Ball

Level Ball- Allows the player to catch wild Pokémon; works better on Pokémon of levels lower than the Pokémon currently in battle.
Lure Ball- Higher Catch rate on Pokemon found bye fishing.
Moon Ball- Higher Catch rate on Pokemon that evolve by moonstone
Friend Ball- Increases friendship of Pokemon caught.
Love Ball- Higher catch rate on Pokemon of the opposite gender
Fast Ball- Higher catch rate on faster Pokemon.
Heavy Ball- Higher catch rate on heavy Pokemon.
Berserker Gene- Raises attack by 2 but confuses user.
Slowpoke tail - no effect
Gold/Silver Leaf- no effect
Brick Piece- no effect
Normal Box- Holds Silver Trophy
Gorgeous Box- Holds Gold Trophy
Polkkadot Bow- Increases normal type moves by 12.5%
Pink Bow- Increases Normal type moves by 10%.

Gen 5
All type gems except normal- Boost move of same types power bye 1.5. Single Use.
Health Wing- Gives 10hp evs
Muscle Wing- Gives 10 atk evs
Resist Wing- gives 10 def evs
Genius Wing- Gives 10spatk evs
Clever Wing- Gives 10spdef evs
Swift Wing- Gives 10 speed evs

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The wings are actually still in game you get them from doing super secret training
really? havent seen any other then Pretty wing
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All discontinued items in ORAS:

RBY Items:

Oak's parcel
Card Key
Lift Key
Bike Voucher
Silph Scope
Secret Key
Gold Teeth
Coin Case
X Special
Itemfinder (now Dowsing Machine)
Safari Ball

GSC Items:

All apricorn balls
Basement Key
Blue Card
Lost item
Machine Part
Mystery Egg
Rainbow Wing
Silver Wing
Red Scale
Exp. Share
Gold Leaf
Gorgeous Box
Brick Piece
Normal Box
Silver Leaf
All the GS berries
Berserk Gene
Polkadot Bow

DPPt Items:

Azure Flute
Fashion Case
Coupon 1
Coupon 2
Coupon 3
Explorer Kit
Galactic Key
Lunar Wing
Member Card
Old Charm
Pal Pad
Poffin Case
Point Card
Poke Radar
Seal Case
Secret Potion
Sprayduck (now Wailmer Pail)
Suite Key
Works Key

BW/B2W2 Items:

All gems except Normal Gem
All wings except Pretty Wing
Relic items
Dark Stone
Gram 1
Gram 2
Gram 3
Dragon Skull
Light Stone
Liberty Pass
Lock Capsule
Prop Case
Colress MCHN
Dropped Item
Grubby Hanky
Plamsa Card

XY Items:

Adventure Rules
Holo Caster
Honor Of Kalos
Elevator Key
Power Plant Pass
Prof's Letter
Looker Ticket
Lens Case
Roller Skates
TMV Pass

All this and the different kinds of Mails, exclusive to their regions are also discontinued, except for those of RSE origin. No items from RSE were omitted, as it's ORAS's parent game, and the story line is almost exactly the same.

Hope I helped!

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But anyways, I've included the non-key items as well, so it's pretty much still valid :>
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