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So I have recently obtained a Thundurus from a friend in my Omega Ruby. I also have a Tornadus-T that I got from Pokémon Dream Radar. If I Soar around with those two in my party, will I be able to encounter Landorus? Or do they have to be from ORAS?

EDIT: I accidentally put two Thundurus :P

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You need thundurus and tornados not two thunduruses once you get both of them and it doesn't matter where they come from just as long as you have them, you also need castform in ur team and fly over the weather institute and that's where you'll get landourus

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Thanks, but the two Thundurus was a typo.
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No, they do not have to be KB. On the Serebii Forums, Serebii said that he transferred the other genie from Black and Lando appeared.

So i did oops