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I'm a bit new to the Pokemon games, but I have a question about Hoopa. Being an event Pokemon I'm guessing its only available for a limited amount of time and Im not sure if I will have the games in time for the event. If I miss the event is there any chance there will ever be a legit way to get a Hoopa? I do really want one considering it is a ghost and psychic type (my favorite types all in one!). Thanks!


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Well, Hoopa is not released yet, but the only way you can obtain it legitely when it's released is to find someone who would want to trade their's away(Not GTS, but a regular trade). You can also stay updated by checking up on Serebii.net every now and again to see if Hoopa will get released soon or not. As for obtaining it right now, there is no way to obtain it legitelt, and all Hoopas you see in XY/ORAS are hacked and untradeable.