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Heracross gets Megahorn 4x super effective on hoopa. Hoopa can't hit Heracross STAB super effectively is this logical?

Legit hoopa doesnt exist yet, and every pokemon has weaknesses (except electross family but theyre not that great in the first place)
It's for when Legit Hoopa exists would heracross be a good counter
Megahorn is 4x on Hoopa Unbound Regular Hoopa is just 1x and how can you say it can't hit with super effective stab when its a Psychic type
Hes a bug fighting BUG
Psychic is 1x when used on a bug type
Eelektross is weak against ground when gravity is active or hit by smack down (or iron ball flung), and holding a iron ball and ring target.
## Nah, Darkrai is the thing##
Check hoopa confined type chart below!
[dark pulse kills hoopa]

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Techically, going type wise, heracross's types do counter both of hoopa unbound's types but not regular hoopa's types. As for hoopa not having a super-effective STAB, hoopa has a lot of psychic type moves which are super-effective to heracross. If you people think psychic type moves are not very effective to bug types, I have a type chart in my hands as I'm answer this. If you don't believe me, look it up.

Hope I helped ;)

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I'm pretty sure Bug is super effective to Psychic not the other way around .
You forgot Heracross's Fighting type add-on.