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I had a Zoroark fight against a Heracross which will transform into the opponent's previous Pokemon Charizard and Supersonic Skystrike the heracross as its the last hope.

Will the Supersonic Skystrike one hit KO the full health Heracross?

The nature of the Zoroark is Naive with Max Attack, SpA and Spe.

The nature of the Heracross is Llonely with the same EV spread as the Zoroark.

Also the Z-Move is transformed from the move Fly.

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Would this count as a theory based question since Zoroark doesn't get Fly? Even then if it has a definite answer, coming under "anime battle mechanics" is unanswerable kinda.
I think it's okay because it can be answered with a calculator. This question doesn't require a theory answer or opinion answer.
Yep. If this was strictly a question about "anime battle mechanics" then it definitely would not be allowed. In fact I'm just going to remove that part so it doesn't cause confusion.

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252 Atk Zoroark Supersonic Skystrike (175 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0- Def Heracross: 928-1092 (308.3 - 362.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Yes, it OHKOs Heracross for sure.


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