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I was always wondering what a 1, 2 and 3-stars ment..


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The stars mean how many perfect ivs a Pokemon will have
1 star is 1 iv
2 stars is 2ivs
3 stars is a minimum of 3ivs (thanks to astronautical for the info)

You can check with the ace trainer in the Battle Resort Pokemon center

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3 stars is actually 3-6 IVs. I know because I got a 4IV Pokémon with 3 stars. Most of the time it will only be 3IVs, though.
Thanks for the info
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Hidden Pokémon can have some number of perfect IVs (that is, IVs set to 31), indicated by the number of stars highlighted under the Potential heading. The Pokémon may have more than three perfect IVs, but this is still be shown as three stars. If a Pokémon has three or more perfect IVs, the DexNav will display an exclamation mark next to the stars.
Source: Bulbapedia