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I’ve been looking for a gible is oras for hours and still can’t manage to find one. I know they’re a dexnav exclusive, and I also know I’m looking in the right place (the desert on route 111), but not only is dexnav not working (as in not notifying me of Pokémon nearby) but I also can’t get any hidden encounter spots to show up unless I’m searching for a specific Pokémon. Since I haven’t even seen a gible yet, I can’t use that method to try to find one. Am I doing something wrong? Everywhere else, dexnav is working normally and the little Pokémon silhouettes are still showing up.

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No, you’re not doing anything wrong. Gible only appears after you capture or defeat Groudon or Kyogre. You’ll have to wait until you’re pretty far through the game to get one.

As an alternative, you could use Trapinch, which is also a Ground/Dragon type and appears in the same area.

Source, if you’d like one. (the first answer is wrong - the elite four don’t affect the DexNav)

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Thank you! I was so caught up thinking I was messing something up that I didn’t even think to ask about something like that.
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