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I’m doing the dexnav thing and it’s always baltoy or the cactus thing. It’s never gible and I even caught kyogre.

EDIT: Asker is probably referring to Route 111.

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The "cactus thing" is Cacnea.
GIble is a huge pain to find, as with the other pseudo legendaries in oras. It's probably just rng as that's how pokemon works anyway. If you're looking for a certain pokemon, it very rarely appears but once you caught it, it becomes very common

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Gible is a Hidden Pokemon, which means it's generally going to be harder to find. Cacnea and Baltoy, on the other hand, both have a 20% encounter rate. Finding it the first time is always the hardest, due to having a low Search Level for the Pokemon. You have already defeated Kyogre, so it should show up eventually. You're simply getting bad RNG.

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I found gibble and am currently leveling it up thx for the help btw
Glad I could help