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Hello all! This is my first ever question!
I've been playing Pokemon all my life, but I started competitive battling only about a month ago. And to be fair, I'm struggling to get wins. :(

Anyways, I've been trying to make a team that sets up a sweeper, who then destroys the opponents team. I know every set has a counter, but I've been a dreadful failure in making any such set. I've tried the following sets:

1) Smeragle @Focus Sash
Ability: Own Tempo
252 Def/252SDef/4Spd
Stealth rock
Baton Pass
Belly Drum

Dragonite @Sitrus Berry
252 Atk/252Spd/4SDef
Dragon claw
Fire Punch

Obviously, the idea is to send out Smeargle, use spore, stealth rock (To take care of opposing Pokemon with Sturdy/Focus sash), Belly drum and Baton pass to Dragonite, who sweeps with Extremespeed(Sitrus berry is there to heal any Will-o-wisp).

The problem with this was it was too dependent on the opponent not waking up fast, and Smeargle being extremely frail. Once I got to Dragonite the sweeping worked great, but Smeargle kept getting beaten by every team out there. Mega Scizor in place of Dragonite was no better. I've tried Volbeat (Tail glow+ baton pass) and Alakazam instead, but Alakazam dies to every physical move.

So I tried another one:

2)[email protected] Sash
Speed Boost
Swords dance
Baton pass

[email protected]
Sand Stream
Rock Slide
Arial Ace

This assured at least +2 attack and +2 speed, but taunt stopped it cold. Prority moves too killed Ninjask before it could baton pass. Whirlwind/Roar ruined it as well. I've tried Mega Garchomp (Same level of success) and Mega Gyarados(Attack too low) and Mega Heracross(Dies on the first hit taken after baton pass).

I was winning like, 1 in 15 matched with these sets. Not at all good enough.

What I want is a similar way to setup a sweeper, that is not as easily countered.

Conditions are:
1)It must be OU
2)Not more than 2 baton passers.
3)The sweeper should be able to take at least 1 hit.
4)The sweeper should be able to damage every type for at least normal damage.

Any advice? Or should I just drop the 'setup' and go for a more direct, attack-from-the-start approach?

Um…shouldn't you use a Rawst Berry, or even better, a…what was it? (I'm forgetting it right now…)…well, that berry that cures any status problem. Sitrus Berry will NOT help with the Attack-lowering effect that burns cause. ExtremeSpeed would still deal less damage.
Also, Stealth Rock is not helpful if your opponent's Pokemon is, at the time, a Pokemon that already has the Sturdy ability. Leech Seed is a good one, or any of those Burn/Poison moves (Will-o-Wisp, Poison Gas, etc.).

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Your best way is to not be so entirely dependent on Baton Pass. I mean, sure Baton Pass has been working wonderfully the past few generations, but ever since Smogon nerfed it to only one user per team you only have so much versatility. But anyways, here are a few basics:

  • Don't set up whenever you can. Sometimes it's these plays that can lay the nails in your coffin. Look for a good opportunity.
  • A good time to set up your Baton Passer is when you know for sure your opponent is not going to attack. Like when he switches or sets up on his own.
  • Your Baton Passer shouldn't be so fragile that it gets pulverized at any blow. Invest some bulk into them, or set situations for them in which they can guarantee a successful boost pass.
  • If you intend on using frail Baton Passers, make it so that they can set up fast. You know they're not gonna last long, so they better fill in their purpose. Also, make them fast in general so that they can outspeed and Baton Pass before they get attacked a second time.
  • Through experience, I can safely say that if you have a bulky and slow Baton Passer that can take hits for you, make your sweeper completely offense oriented. If they are frail and fast, give your sweeper a bulkier outlook.
  • Watch out for phazers and hazers. They will definitely destroy this strategy.
  • Know the role of your sweeper. If you know it as a good late game cleaner, don't bring it boosts in the very beginning.

Here's a Baton Pass core I ran across and found particularly hard to counter:

Scizor @ Scizorite
Ability: Technician
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Roost
- Swords Dance
- Baton Pass
- Bullet Punch

Medicham @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Huge Power
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
Jolly Nature
- Ice Punch
- Bullet Punch
- Psycho Cut
- High Jump Kick

HJK can also be replaced for Drain Punch here.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks! That was very detailed and thorough!
I tried the set you suggested, but still had no luck. I decided to drop baton pass entirely and use bulky sweepers that can set up for themselves. So far, I've been winning much more than with baton pass.
Baton Pass is pretty situational, and most teams outside of Speed Pass (Speed Boost + Baton Pass) ignore it altogether. Note that I said most, not all, as there are still successful Baton Pass teams.