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I have beaten the team aqua head archie and made my way down to kyogre. I got to battle primal kyogre and I was going to catch him but then I realized I ran out of pokeballs. so I soft reseted the game and used an escape rope to get out and get more pokeballs. when I got back to the cave of origin's bottom kyogre wasnt there to take me down even further like before. (the cutscene of diving down on kyogre) I need help because I can no longer progress further in the game. what should I do?

That really sucks. I think you glitched the game, but if you went through all the doors then you should be fine. Otherwise you have to reset your game.

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Did you check all the doors before coming all the way down? One of them should have been blocked off with rocks before you encountered Kyogre the first time. Now, after you have seen Kyogre, go through that door. It should be a free path. Take that path all the way and you should see another door. Enter that , and you should be back to where Kyogre is. If there are more doors, just check each one. I haven't been there for a long time, so I forgot which door it was (If there are anymore) If the path is still blocked off, I don't know what else to tell you but reset. Hope you have good luck!

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thank you for the help i have now caught kyogre.
Glad I could help
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Well, because you used an escape rope to get out, you glitched the game. Kyogre is still down there, but you cannot get to him...

this shouldn't have more votes it isn't even logical