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Will it only work with a Poke Ball? And if so, are there any Pokemon it doesn't work on? If it does work only with a Poke Ball, does that mean Poke Ball is now the best ball to use in capturing Pokemon (besides the obvious Master Ball.)


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Look: It happened to me already really much times. So I say, it's random (IDK chance), with any type of PokéBall and no Pokémon should be protected. When this happens, PokéBall stops in the air as soon as it catches Pokémon. Then, it moves only once and TA-DA! Pokémon was caught! Pokémon data were added to the Pokédex! Will you nickname your Pokémon? YES OMG IT'S SATURDAY. OMG IT'S SATURDAY was transferred to the Box 5

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Details for this are now known! Here is a simple summary:

The probability of a critical capture happening is similar to the probability that you will capture that Pokemon. So if you had a 30% chance of catching a Pokemon with a Pokeball, when you throw it there is first a 30% chance of a critical capture. If the CC doesn't happen then it has a 30% chance of catching the Pokemon as normal.

However, the chances of a CC also increase the more Pokemon you have in the Pokedex (see below). So if you had over 600 Pokemon in the Pokedex, using the above situation you would now have a 75% chance (30x2.5) for a CC to occur. Again, if the CC doesn't happen then it has a 30% chance of catching the Pokemon as normal.

Pokedex    Multiplier
>600       2.5
451-600    2
301-450    1.5
151-300	   1
31-150     0.5
<30        0

If a critical capture does happen, the chances of capture do increase significantly but it's not guaranteed. I'm not 100% clear exactly how much the chances increase.

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In Generation V, there is a chance of a critical capture, where the Poké Ball will only shake once, thus providing a higher catch ratio. When a critical capture occurs, the Poké Ball will pause in mid-air and make a metal noise. Critical captures rarely fail and will almost always capture the Pokémon. Critical captures occur about as often as Critical hits, making them quite rare, however even with such a small chance of occurring, a critical capture still presents a massive boost to the overall chance of capture for Pokémon with a catch rate of 3, who may have odds as low as .4%.

The noise is similar to the sound a Fusion Bolt makes when used in the same turn (after) a Fusion Flare.