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I've seen lots of people trading EXs and tons of packs just for a single Pokémon Catcher? Is the Pokémon catcher extremely rare or something?


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No, the Pokemon catcher is not rare. Here's why people want it, in TCG/TCGO one of the rules is at the start of the game you may draw 6 prize cards (random) and face them down. Every time you KO the opponent's Pokemon you may take a prize card (chosen), get all 6 prize cards to win the game. The Pokemon catcher allows the switch of the opponent's active Pokemon for any Pokemon on their bench (5 other Pokemon,your choice) when you're in a 1 prize card to 1 prize card situation sense items don't take up a full turn you could Pokemon catcher their Venusaur for their Charizard so your Blastoise could take out their Charizard, you can take your prize card and win the game all in one turn. Also, the Pokemon catcher is good early game when they're still setting up.

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I've got 4 of the blue Pokémon catchers and then 1 of the yellow ones. Why is the yellow one so rare?
IDK... different set maybe?
Ok thanks for the answer.