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I got the Evolving Skies Eevee Box from a retailer in my city, but I was incredibly disappointed when it didn’t have the Eevee Pin or the Eevee Coin. The box cover on this one says it doesn’t include that, and even the packaging is different on this one. My box have Leafeon, Umbreon, Jolteon and Flareon in quadrants, while the Pokémon Centre has them in rows. I also only got 8 packs, when the site’s box sells 10.

Was I sold a fake box, or were there two released editions of the Evolving Skies Elite Trainer Boxes?

The back of my box cover, with contents
The box
The cover
The Pokémon centre’s cover
what the centre’s box says comes with it

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I've seen multiple websites like Amazon and Gamestop selling the same box you have with 8 packs.

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If you look at the two pictures of the back of the two boxes, you can see that one of them says "Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box" and the other says "Elite Trainer Box." Your box is not the one that is sold at the Pokemon Center. They do this often, for example, the Chilling Reign expansion has a Pokemon Center version, and a non-Pokemon Center version. This is probably why they don't have the same stuff, as Pokemon Center products are considered 'Premium.'

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