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Hey PkmDB,

I got an eon ticket today from a stress pass on my NN3DSXL and copy of Pokemon: AS, I picked it up from the delivery girl and saved the game and then exited the game. I use my copy of Pokemon: OR in my other NN3DS and tonight got a street pass between both systems; I was happy thinknig I would of passed the Eon ticket now to my 2nd game/system and have a ticket on both OR and AS.

Ingame it showed I had the streetpass from my AS and I hit the letterbox icon but no message regarding the Eon Ticket at all; I went back to the system/game with the ticket and checked it had it and it did in key items. Can anyone help clarify how I can pass the ticket to OR? Or what may have gone wrong with my streetpass. Thanks heaps :)

(Both games are updated; both have buzznav & streetpass activited and pass eachother often for plaza and OR/AS with no issue; the ticket just failed to pass)

I'm pretty sure you can just streetpass yourself? If you leave your two 2/3DS on near by each other and have streetpass activated for the respective games, you should be able to transfer the Eon Ticket to OR. That's how it's done with ACNL, so I think it works for Pokemon as well.

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Have 2 3ds then put Omega Ruby in one and Alpha Sapphire in the other then turn both of them on and StreetPass. To check if this worked, talk to Norman in the Petalburg city gym.