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So, I was curious about this guy and looked up his pokédex entry.

For starters, it says that it can be obtained in Gen V, a generation that I've played, but I've never encounter it nor as a normal 'mon or as a legendary.
Plus, the dex entry of Black states that :

Over 300 million years ago, it was feared as the strongest of hunters.
It has been modified by Team Plasma.

while the White one comments:

This ancient bug Pokémon was altered by Team Plasma. They upgraded the
cannon on its back.

This made me think.
As I've read around here, some people think that it is a *Kabutops with an exoskeleton** made by Team Plasma*, but if you ask me, that doesn't make a lot of sense.**

first, the typing.
Genesect is Steel/Bug while Kabutops is Water/Rock.
Second, the shape.
I've come to notice that the most brought up reason as to why Genesect would be a Kabutops is because the heads resemble each other.

By this logic, I could say that Genesect is actually a Scyther, because their torso is way more similar and the typing would actually make more sense.

What leaves me perplexed is the cannon mentioned in the White pokédex's entry:
They upgraded the cannon on its back.

Does this mean it already had one?
But none of the pokémon known to us, except Mega Blastoise but he is out of the question, have a cannon on their back and are at least partially Bug type.
So far at least.

So, concluding, here's what I'd like to know

  • How, if it's still possible, do I obtain a Genesect in Black/White?
  • What's so special about this Pokémon? Its Stats are not THAT impressive.
  • Do we know more, maybe thanks to the movie in which this pokémon is
    present, about its past and origins?

Thanks in advance guys!



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Ok, here goes nothing~

  • No. Genesect was an event Pokemon that was distributed in mostly worldwide. As the case with most other event Pokemon, it cannot be obtained in any manner after it's event has passed.
    >This Genesect was distributed over Wi-Fi from October 7 to November 12, 2012. Due to differences in game release dates, it first became available in the United States on October 7, in Australia on October 11, and in Europe on October 12.

  • It's stats aren't it's main attraction, but the way they are placed are important. It has the perfect stats for a mixed attacker. Genesect's movepool isn't too shabby either, it gets Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, Flamethrower, Extreme Speed and U-turn. The biggest thing about it is it's great ability Download.
    The ability is almost tailor-made for it, as this makes Genesect a ferocious Scarfed revenge killer, being able to hit the opponent's weaker defense.
    Here's what Download exactly does:
    >Download raises either the bearer's Attack or Special Attack by one stage when switching into battle, base on the opponent's defenses.
    It raises Attack if the opponent's Defense is lower than its Special Defense, or raises Special Attack if opponent's Special Defense is lower than or equal to its Defense.

  • Lastly, there has been no evidence that Genesect has been derived from any other Pokemon at all. While many people do guess that it's a hybrid/prehistoric version of a Pokemon already known, there's also a much more likely possibility that it's just a different Pokemon. It may have looked the same way as it does, minus the cannon (maybe). The movies haven't provided any solid links about it, other than the fact that they live in groups of possibly five or more.

Hope I helped!

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How do I obtain Genesect?

There were two Genesect events in Gen V, one for a Lv. 15 normal Genesect knowing its signature move Techno Blast and several for a Shiny Genesect with the moves Blaze Kick, ExtremeSpeed, Shift Gear and Techno Blast (but one was only in Japan). Genesect is only obtainable via event in Gen V.

What's so special about Genesect?

Genesect makes for one of the best attackers in the game with his impressive bulk, vast movepool and decent offensive stats. The most dangerous thing about Genesect, though, is Download, giving it a +1 boost in the attacking stat that targets the opponent's weakest defense. This turned its already repectable offensive abilities into a monstrous new threat. Here are the main things that Genesect can do:

  • Is one of the most deadly mixed attackers in the game thanks to Download.
  • Arguably the game's best Scarfer at the time.
  • His Life Orb set is none too shabby either, and neither is Expert Belt.
  • He can nullify that Fire weakness by playing on Rain Teams, firing off HP Water with a potential Water Gem.
  • Since all Gems were available in Gen V, this made his terrifying coverage even more deadly.

Do we know more about Genesect?

All we know is PokéDex entries and speculation, but Genesect did star in the movie Genesect and the Legend Awakened, co-starring Mega Mewtwo Y.

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