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What drive would be best for genesect's techno blast?

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what type would be best for genesects techno blast, like if you were battling someone

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Genesect can learn these elemental moves-
Flamethrower | 95 power
Ice Beam | 95 power
Thunderbolt | 95 power
All three of these moves are stronger than Techno Blast. Instead, I recommend the Douse Drive, which turns Techno Blast into a water-type move. Water-type moves are good for Genesect, because it fights off its #1 weakness, fire.

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Well if you were battling someone competitively don't even both using Techni Blast. Genesect doesn't get STAB off it, and Thunderbolt, Ice beam and Flamethrower are all stronger and Genesect learns them all.
However ingame you can run it I suppose and it really makes no difference what you choose. I run Burn Drive because I love fire types. :P
And it also really depends on the other moves in your moveset. You can run fire, water, ice or electric depending on what coverage you need, so analysis your current moveset first then make the decision =)

~Hope I helped and GL

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With Genesect's sole weakness being fire, the douse (water) drive would seem to be the best option, as it hits all fire types supereffectively (bar Reshiram), which also resist Genesect's STABs. This is really only remotely viable in-game, and pretty much worthless in the online competitive environment, as hidden power water and a boosting item will outdamage it, while also boosting Genesect's other moves. On the DS however, this may be used, but Genesect's fantastic movepool including U-turn, bug buzz, iron head, explosion the elemental beams and even shift gear and extreme speed through event, you will struggle to find a reason to put this weak move in. However if you really want to use Technoblast, douse drive is the best choice in my opinion.

Hope this helps.

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