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I want to use4 Victini for an OU battle, and I thought of using V-Create..then Psych Up....So I can restore my my question is....Will it work? Just answer Yes/No and I'll rate as best answer :D

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It's a very risky and gimmicky strategy in fact. You may not have the time to do it. However, you could make it work in Doubles;
have the Victini along with a Amoonguss/Parasect/whatever gets Rage Powder or Follow Me.
Attack with V-Create then use Psych Up on your own teammate who will redirect attacks against it.
Now that's also pretty gimmicky but still. On paper it seems great, on practice it technically works BUT only if you're facing an opponent who gives you the time to do it properly.

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It could work, but make sure you can outspeed the target without taking to much damage, since you'll be at -1 Defense, Special Defense, and Speed

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Thanks man, +1 and Best Answer for you!
thaaaaaanks :D