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I have been playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire for quite some time now and I have been trying to capture all of the lengendaries.

Right after I captured Kyogre I went into Soar mode and caught mesprit over in the nameless cavern.

It has now been a while since that happened but uxie and azelf has never shown up.

Also a couple days ago I captured both Raikou and Suicune, For both the nameless cavern and the trackless forest I can see the red lights but Entei,Uxie and Azelf have still not appeared

please help me


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Azelf appears I believe in some time between 9pm - 10pm - 11pm (Rough time) and Uxie from 1am to 4am (rough time)

The most probable reason you are not getting azelf or uxie is because these two both appear fairly late at night whereas mespirit appears during the day, so thats usually the one most people catch first!

So all you have to do is stay up late and catch these two, at which point you will be able to catch dialga (Once you've captured both). You coyld change your 3DS time to make it later than it actually is, however keep in mind it will take 24-48 hours to appear after resetting the time.

Hope I helped ;)

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You forgot about Entei :D
Thanks ThatOneArcanine I did not know this I am greatful for your help

Will somebody please tell me about entei
Entei is caught in Trackless Forest, same as Raikou and Suicune, but at different times.
Thanks Astro!