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I cant get any new mirage spots today and I have only connected to the internet once today but it didn't give me any new ones! I did read somewhere that if you change the time on your 3DS that it would stop all time based events for 24 hours but I'm almost certain that it has been 24 hours. (it's also affecting the people at the battle resort)


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It has most likely not been 24 hours.

Just wait for a little while longer, and all time-based events will happen normally, just as they should. Mirage Spots are also time-based events (for other people), so they will proceed normally as well.

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Thanks! (Also, as you cant tell I'm a little impatient) (by a little I mean A LOT)
I feel stupid, I should have connected to the internet BEFORE I asked this question... (in other words, it has been 24 hours.)
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First of all, I think its 48 hours, but theres no need to mess up your time on the 3DS, just use the street pass to get new mirage spots! Using the street pass you can get up to like 10 - 15 mirage spots at once!

What universe do you live in? Fifteen Mirage Spots?!?