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I have a kabutops with 252 attack and speed, but for the last 4 I used it on def. is there a point in doing that or would it have been better if I put it in defence.

(If my Pokemon took 2 damage and I put a defence stat on defence would I take 1 damage? As so if I put the EV in hp I would have 1 more hp stat then usual? If so, what's the point in putting an EV in defence when you could put it in HP to cover def and sp.d?)

Also, srry for confusing question.


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Oh, okay.

Yeah. You can have ultra-high defense, but it's pointless if you have 1 HP.

SO, basically invest in more HP with enough defense to back it up. Kind of balance it out if necessary, but you need HP in order to be a effective defensive Pokémon.


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