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Okay, so if you dont understand the question on how I expressed it ill write it down here.
So, I recently asked a question for what level was to late for EV training and based on that I started thinking that once you've fully EV trained your Pokemon lets say at level 56 its gained stat points on Attack which was given 252 Atk. EV's after that is done I wondered that maybe if you feed it friendship rasing berries that reduce Atk EV's to such a low level that you could basicly EV train him again in Atk. right? as a back up for this when you reduce your Pokemon EV's it will reduce your stat point but only by 2-3 and after that (leveling up) it cannot reduce instead it SHOULD keep increasing.
Math problem:
EV's=252 (On attack)
Berries= -100 EV's (on attack)
Your Pokemon stat on attack: 278 (not real just an example)
when you reduce your Pokemons EV's with berries= 152 EV's on atk.
And as the reduce reaction = 275 (-3)
on that the gain of your reduced and trained again EV's would be about= 38 (I think)
NOW explanining it again this is what I mean You first EV train your Pokemon on 252 on attack when you EV trained it it was level 20 (lets say) and by level 56 it mut've gained th EV boost on that stat you reduce it with berries letting yourself EV train it again and only by a stat reduce of 3 as an example.

Then again this just a theory I made up and was curios to know what other ''experienced'' people think. Thanks again for reading (if you did or didnt) I hope this doesnt by any chance bother anyone.

Your question is so confusing that there's no point in answering it.

If you're basically asking if a Pokemon can gain benefits from reducing EVs and retraining them, then the answer is no. I think you don't understand EVs fully and that's why your question is so confusing. You should see EVs as something separate to the actual stat, something that's a "top up" to the stat and not part of the stat. That means that the actual stat never actually decreases when you use berries, it's just the EVs.
I want to answer this but this really confusing.

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So, this is a bit confusing in terms of wording but I'll try my best at answering you.

First of all, there's a mixed maximum number a Pokemon can have in a stat, and you can't change that.
If you reduced the EVs and then EV trained again you would just make a loop and come back to where you started.
4 EV points = 1 stat point, so it wouldn't just decrease by 2 or 3.

This is a fairly good site on explaining EVs and how they work if you want to read up more on it.
But all in all, you cannot increase the maximum number in a stat.

Hope I helped.

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