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I was thinking about pokémon abilities this morning, and these two abilities came up to my head. Which one is competitively better?

Some answerer help: Clear Body stops the effects of the ever present intimidate and even grants immunity to sticky web.  A lot of Clear body pokemon are physical. Magic Bounce has no anti-intimidate effects and is still affected by sticky webs, but bounce hazards and, the also ever present, toxic back. Magic Bouncers also tend to be Special.

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Magic Bounce!

Magic Bounce is better as it deflects nearly all status moves back at the opponent. This includes Stealth Rocks, Leech Seed, Toxic, Thunder Wave, Will-O-Wisp, and Taunt. This will ruin setup strategies like those who rely on entry hazards. Moves commonly used like Taunt and status inflictors won't affect you; they'll just bounce back and work in your favor.

Reflects the effect of all stat lowering status moves (excluding Memento), non-damaging status condition-inducing moves, entry hazard moves, moves like Taunt and Torment, and so on back to the user.

While Clear Body does prevent stat lowering, Magic Bounce does that and more!

Hopefully I've Helped!