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Okay so I'm making a team and I need a hazard settler and a hazard setter alone. My team needs toxic spikes particularly. These two have the EXACT type synergy I need. This is for a mono poison team. I would like to know which I should use as a reliable hazard setter and lead, as I don't really need a bully water considering I have MixedWall Weezing and physically defensive Drapion. The other team members can be posted if need be. Qwilfish will be Intimidate and tenta can be whateva. Yo thanks in advance


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i personally went with Tentacruel for my poison team. I liked his defensive stats and gave it the liquid ooze ability to hurt anything that drained it and black sludge as his "leftovers" in case it got stolen. Tentacruel also has the advantage of having Rapid Spin as an egg move so you can use it as a hazard setter and clearer.

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Thank you for your input I'll take this into consideration