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Sometimes I built teams, and than realized that it doesnt have any hazards. Hazards are very important overall, as every chip counts. But, with buffed defog since gen 6 and HDB (Heavy Duty Boots), some Pokemon can avoid this. Even so, hazards are still widely used in the metagame. While they are helpful, how much are hazards really needed on a team?

Also, I know someone is going to going to say that it depends on the team, as some Pokemon really like the extra chip that lets them break down an opponent better (like kartana), so ill just have a set example and pretend that its only a layer of rocks. I feel like that a pretty good middle, and I'm not asking it in the main question because I want other hazards too. Hopefully this wasnt too confusing :P

Again, why don't you ask here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/simple-questions-simple-answers-thread.3656259/
You will probably get a better answer here.
There are currently 5 sample teams, and all of them use stealth rock. If you assume those 5 teams are a purely random sample of the thousands or millions of viable teams, then the amount of viable teams that don't use stealth rock is probably less than 1/10 of all viable teams.
Also I agree with Swastik.

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You didn't ask in smogon, so I did it for you.

Stealth Rocks is the least amount someone should run on the team, especially when it comes to Hyper Offense, Offense, Bulky Offense and Balance. Those teams prefer having at least Stealth Rocks to turn 3HKOes into 2HKOes or in the case of bulky offense and balance, to chip down the opposing team over the course of the game. Knock Off can help in this case to get rid of the Heavy-Duty Boots the Pokemon in the opposing team carry.
To reflect on hyper offense again, that team archetype also likes to have multiple entry hazards, in the case of the so called hazard stack ho, where Mew is an excellent teampartner for this purpose. But Stealth Rocks in general are very much appreciated just like they are in past generations.
The most common setters include: Landorus-T, Garchomp, Heatran, and Clefable and to a lesser degree Ferrothorn, Nidoking, Swampert, and Tyranitar.

Personally, I only ever click stealth rock when I'm in a weather war as it easily chips down Pelipper and Torkoal. I don't think rocks is that great atm since literally every rock weak Pokemon is gonna have boots are you're not gonna have an easy time knocking it off. I think spikes are the best hazards atm because **** Magearna but that's probably just me spamming Ferrothorn like hell
I think that the biggest benefit of hazards atm is that sooner or later, you're opponent will have to defog and in the process, give you a free turn. Also, consider which mons you have on the team. If you have a lot pf physical attackers, then you probably want sr to wear down Landorus Therian. If you're team is vulnerable to Magearna, then try to fit in good old Ferrothorn because spikes actually hurt Magearna. If you have hex Dragapult, then maybe t spikes Pex. Those are just some examples but I think it really depends on which mons are on the team

Hope this helps.

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