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I need master balls... Where are they?


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The Ingame 1 is given to you after beating Team Flare in the Pokeball Factory.
You can also gain one from the ID Lottery in Lumiose City. But they have to randomly pick an ID that has an exact same 1 as any of your pokes. Finally you can have a friend trade one over but not many people want to trade theres.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Master_Ball

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You get the master ball at the power plant after the team flare junk. That's one. The second way is by trading for one, but I don't think anyone would. Lastly, if you go to the lottory place in lumiose city, you can win a master ball if one of your Pokemon 100% matches the ID they say. For example, a dragonite with ID 12345 and they use the ID 12345. Hope I helped!

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There are two places where the player may receive a Master Ball:

1: At the Poke Ball Factory, after defeating Team Flare Scientists Celosia and Bryony. The president will offer you a choice between a Master Ball and a Big Nugget. It doesn't matter your choice, you get both anyway.

2: Win the highest prize at the Loto-ID Center.

I believe that's all.

Source: Bulbapedia

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