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Spent like 20 minutes answering this then realised it said in-game..

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Well... that is really, really up to you. But here's my opinion:

Druddigon's defense ain't purdy (if you know what I mean. Base 90 defense is not something to laugh about.), and some quick Dragon Dances and Dragon Claws from a Haxorus could kill it to the bone.

In other words, he really dosen't fit as a wall. Walls are Pokemon with some heck of a defense stat, and Druddigon certainly doesn't fit there.

And as a sweeper?

Well... 120 attack is quite impressive, and that's the stat that makes Druddigon shine the most. A couple of D-Dances could spice this thing up and make it deadly as heck.


There are more dragons wayyyyyyy better than poor ol' Druddigon. His speed is what REALLY kills him to make him shrudder, and that competively, he really, really, REALLY sucks (to me).

But that's your choice! Make him what you want!

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Let's compare some stats, shall we?

HP 77
Attack 120
Defense 90
Special Attack 60
Special Defense 90
Speed 48

Druddigon does not have the defenses of a wall, per se. Nor does it have the necessary speed to pull off being a sweeper. I suggest, at least for the in-game purposes that you use it as a tank, for example. It movepool suggests something similar too.

Here's a good ingame set

enter image description here

Druddigon (M) @

  • Strength
  • Revenge
  • Night Slash / Dragon Tail / Earthquake/ Iron Head / Rock Smash
  • Outrage / Dragon Claw

Strength is HM, Revenge is perfect for this guy, 3rd slot is basically a filler/ another HM. And finally a STAB for the 4th move