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I was playing a Showdown! match with my VGC team. It was 2-1, and I was losing.

My lone Gastrodon, at just over 50%, faced down a low-health Mega Manectric and a 74% health Landorus-T. Landorus used Brick Break, activating my Sitrus Berry and bringing me back up to above 50%. Manectric used what I assume was Hidden Power Ice, and then I KOed Landorus with Ice Beam. The following turn I Protected to see what Manectric would do (he also Protected). But my Protect failed! It was the turn after I used Ice Beam, so it's not like its success rate was lowered. Is it because Landorus used Brick Break?

Here's the replay. Said failed Protect occurs on Turn 13.

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Presumably a programming error on showdown, maybe a fringe case where only 1 pokemon remains on each team and they both use Protect, so the pokemon with the slower speed stat has 50% chance to fail, because it's "already been used" this turn.
Just a guess though, I can't see any real reason why it should have failed.
It was because he had already protected and you were slower. This also happens if they switch while you protect.

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Its because he protected first. Protect Fails if you move last in a turn.


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Manectric had used Protect first, since it is faster than your Gastrodon. Manectric's protect activates. Since your Gastrodon now has no move to protect against or a possible move to protect against, your protect fails.

Also, note that had Manectric used an attack your Gastrodon would have protected it.

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