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On serebii it says to "interact" with the central pillar. But I did that and nothing happened. (I pressed A on the middle block with the cuneiform on it.) I also tried to use every HM (apparently Flash and Strength work on the next levels).

Anyone know how to get to the next level?

My guess is translate the cuniform...

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To get to the second level, you have to find the SHORTEST way to reach the middle artifact. Right after you enter and hear the"click" sound, go 8 steps up until you reach the pink thing, go 5 steps to the right, 4 steps down, 11 steps to the right, 3 steps up, 2 steps to the right, 6 steps up, 2 to the right, 1 down, 12 steps down, 2 steps right, 1 step up, 1 step to the right and 1 step up. Then you click on the pink thing. Tell me if this is right

P.S. "Steps" mean one block.

Yeah that worked, awesome! And weird, that they did it like that with no clues...
This answer works but it's alittle confusing. Which side of the Ruins did you enter? I followed these from the West Dive point and half way through the guide you gave the paths go diffferent ways. Anyway +1vote for the helpful hint ^^
Thanks, I have been having so much trouble with the Ruins.