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I was watching Pokemon: Advanced a while ago, and I noticed that when Ash was trying to command Pikachu to use Thunder Bolt on a Vigorath, he said Thunder Bolto. Why did he say this instead of Thunder Bolt?

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Were you watching sub or dub?
probably a mistake. have you heard him say it in any other episodes?
I have heard him say it in other episodes, it just caught my attention specifically on this episode.

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If he has said this on multiple occasions like you've stated, then it is most likely a mistake in dialogue. Pokemon has been known for its many errors in staying consistent logic or even proper Pokemon moves.

I'm certain he has no reason to pronounce it wrong other than it being a honest mistake.

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It could also be the translator!  :o
Bad translator!
Ash is known to say a lot of things, since he gets so attached to his pokemon - especially pikachu. He did have pikachu since 1st generation