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My Zekrom has 252 attack and 200 special attack so which would be a better move
Thunder bolt or thunder fang


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Neither. Fusion Bolt outclasses both in this situation. But if you want one of those two, it varies. If reliability is what you want, Thunderbolt. If power and side effect with 95 accuracy is what you want, Thunder Fang. Ingame, Zekrom can take a hit easily if he misses so Thunder Fang is better if you think about Zekrom's future rise in his Attack Stat.

If you want it between those two, Thunderbolt. It's reliability in accuracy is greater than Thunder Fang, and the difference in BP is noticable. However, by the looks of it, your Zekrom is not level 100 yet, so in future levels if you don't EV train Speacial Attack, it's Attack will rise higher than it's Special, making Thunder Fang more viable. However, if you have access to Fusion Bolt, it is much more effective than the other two.

So concluding:

  • If you can get Zekrom to learn Fusion Bolt, this is the best option. If PP is really a fuss, PP Up it or use another move.
  • Thunderbolt for reliability, but weaker power.
  • Thunder Fang for less reliability (not by too much though), but higher power on average. And the 10% chance to flinch as well as paralyse with another 10% is always a help.
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No worries, glad to help!
What happened to Bolt Strike lol
Meganium used Sunny Day! The clouds cleared and Bolt Strike could not be used! jk.
Don't like it. I prefer a solid 100/100 stat.
But the increase in power for Fusion Bolt to Fusion Flare is amazing. I actually perfer to run this set  Outrage/Draco Meteor/Fusion Bolt/Bolt Strike
try leaning a move that can cover weakness the other two thunder fang and thunder bolt aren't very good choices... fusion bolt and bolt strike are good too.  thunder fang has low attack but high accuracy
thunderbolf has low accuracy but high attack try out a fire steel fighting or rock move for ice types and a dragon type move for dragon types and a water grass or ice type move for ground types. these moves will cause a better way of winning to weaknesses... Hope the moves help!
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Between the two attacks, Thunder fang will prove to be more powerful for your Zekrom. It's not fully accurate but it's a physical attack which takes advantage of Zekroms higher stats. But in truth, You should go with fusion bolt. With it's better reliability and power it's far superior to Thunder fang.

It's really just a choice between Thunder fang or Fusion bolt. Fusion bolt will be better concerning damage by turn. But if you're not concerned about damage per turns and you know Zekrom can take a hit, You can inflict more potential damage with thunder fang. It's your call really, just don't pick thunderbolt for your Zekrom.