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If I were to hypothetically be hunting for a shiny Lapras, using a Pokemon holding a choice scarf, and used taunt, switched out to a Pokemon with encore. Then after the encore switched back in then passed the choice scarf with trick.

Would the Lapras then be locked into using a damage dealing move assuming the taunt was still in effect, preventing the possibility of a perish song?

Thanks for any response, I was trying to think of a way to counter wild Pokemon with roar, whirlwind, or perish song. (other than ingrain for the first two)


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Technically, yes this combo would work.
However if you look here it says;

items switched in wild battles are permanently switched

This means that you will lose your Choice Scarf if an attempt fails.

Hope I helped :)

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Thanks, I understand this but as the intention is to catch the pokemon after I wouldn't see this as an issue.
Yes thanks I edited it :)