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There is an apartment room in Mauville City that is occupied by "the man with no power". If you talk to all of the colourful haired people in the Pokemon centre of this city, youll find them in the room opposite this mans. Talk to one of them, and he'll say "What? Theres a man with no power next door? Bring him here!". If you bring that man there, the old guys vanish and transform the man into a new person, one whos happy and decides to leave on an adventure handing out O-Powers. Recently, I found this a cabinet in New Mauville that says this:

It's an old, hide-bound notebook.
"The damage caused by the cancellation of the New Mauville project has been catastrophic.
As a member of the management, much of the blame and the debts will fall upon me.
But that will be little consolation to the employees working under me who will lost their livelihoods.
I couldn't do a thing for them... I'm a man with no power...
Protecting nature and Pokémon and the environment... It's great as an idea. It's a find ideal to aspire to.
And Wattson is a great man for dreaming of it all.
But cruel reality and the organization that I must try to preserve have dashed those dreams.
I couldn't do a thing for him... I'm a man with no power..."
This is the last page with writing on it. Other pages have been torn out.

Could this be related?
By the way, this cabinet is in room six.


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If not sure if he really did work at Sea Mauville.
It's like one of those random conspiracies that leave you questionable.
For example, in X and Y, the ghost girl was considered a mystery and it was a conspiracy that had no meaning - at least as far as we know.
Even if this man doesn't work at Sea Mauville, I don't think it matters, because I was able to work around it and still find the bunch of gold and the beedrilite. So, it's not important.
But, I really don't know anything about him - or maybe I forgot

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I could find out more if you're still wondering?
I was just really wondering if it was one of those side quests... The ghost girl seems to appear in oras too, somewhere in mt pyre i think  theres a hex maniac that says very similar things to what she says in X and Y. Seems that its just one of those things to get players on the search for easter eggs
cool! I don't think it has much meaning
Its pretty interesting how things tie in with other things though... I wanted to see if anyone else saw this possible connection