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In Omega Ruby when I dived in the middle section of Sea Mauville, I expected something to be there, but nothing was. Is there supposed to be something there? And if there is, how do you get or get to it?

This is the person who asked this question, where do you find. Captain Stern.

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You can find Lugia (if you're playing Alpha Sapphire) by interacting with the portal if you have the Tidal Bell. In Omega Ruby this portal will not appear.

You also find the Scanner here (if you have talked to the scientist outside) regardless of which version you are playing, which is required to get Lugia (AS)/Ho-Oh (OR). You need to give the Scanner to Captain Stern in the Slateport Harbor (in Slateport City), who will give you the Tidal Bell (AS)/Clear Bell (OR), the item that causes portals containing the Generation 2 cover legendaries.

Note that the item is invisible and might be on a slightly different tile than someone else's, but this shows where the general location should be near.

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Just to add a detail, you need to talk to the scientist at the entrance before the scanner can be picked up, and I think you need to talk to him again before you can deliver it to captain Stern.