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How can I get a fennekin with magician in oras

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The Only way to get a fennekin at all in ORAS is by trading or Bank. HA Braixen can be found in XY friend safaris that you can Trade/Transfer over after you catch it.

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To get a Fennekin with its hidden ability, you will need to use the Friend Safari in X or Y. One of your friends needs a Fire friend safari that contains a Braixen. Pokémon in the Friend Safari can have their hidden abilities, so if you get a Braixen with Magician, you can breed for a Fennekin with Magician and trade it to ORAS.

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You can get an HA fennekin from a couple different methods. However, the origin requires x and y (unless you get one from trade).

-Get a fire type FS with braxien. Catch it, and it may have its HA.
-Trade with someone who has it.
-Breed your braxien with ditto or another compatible Pokemon to possibly hatch HA fennekin

I know I know, hacking is bad, but IT IS a method. Trade on the GTS for a fennekin, but a lot of people do obsurd trades (zigzagoon for lvl 100 shiny mew). The FS is the easiest method, you just need to get lucky (or have a friend with it). Breeding just allows you to get a bunch of them fast.


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^ HA Fennekin cannot come from HA Ditto. It has to come from an HA Fennekin, Braixen or Delphox. Method #3 is false.
I mean the HA brazien. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Okay. Thanks for clearing that up :)