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Hello Ladies and Gents

I have been trying for the past 3 days to breed a Gooey Goodra but have not been able to

I have a 6IV Shiny Gooey Female Goodra Everstone which I initially bred with a 6IV Ditto Destiny Knot but did not get a single Gooey Goomy after 36 eggs

I then tried a with a normal male Goomy Destiny Knot and tried again but no Gooey Goomy in 36 eggs

Is there something I am doing wrong? I am thinking this is a Glitch as I have been able to breed Hidden Abilities with ease in the past

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Just use another goodra; I think the ditto may be what's keeping you from hatching them as often as you should

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Breeding two Pokemon with normal abilities will never result in a Pokemon with a hidden ability.
To breed a Pokemon with a hidden ability, the female Pokemon (or a male/genderless Pokemon being bred with a ditto) must have its hidden ability. It will have a 60% chance of passing on the hidden ability.
This does, unfortunately, mean you'll need to catch or trade for a Pokemon of the right species with the hidden ability to begin with.

Ripped from source because it's put so perfectly.

Source 2: Personal Experience

I tried for Gale Wings Fletchling for goodness knows how long before I realised.

Sorry about that, pal, you're going to have to get one by trade.

Just a heads-up, using the item Ability Capsule does not change its ability to its Hidden Ability.

Huge edit:

As sumwum pointed out, Gooey Goodra is indeed hidden ability Goodra. I overlooked it by mistake. This renders my entire answer null and void, and I sincerely apologise.

Further, that means Chaz17 (i.e., you) are insanely unlucky, because I see nothing wrong with your approach. I am not sure if there can be any other problem, as far as theory is concerned. Keep trying, though, the (flawed) Law of Evening Out suggest you'll get one. Eventually.

On a side note, buying a rabbit's foot or a horseshoe about now would be a good idea. (Just kidding :p )

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Just want to note on that quote, it seems to have been made prior to Gen 6, when the mechanics were changed to allow all male Pokemon a 20% chance to pass a Hidden Ability in addition to the female.
The tags on the question, as well as the time stamp on its answer (2015) indicate it was for Gen 6 (ORAS, no less).
And, I too had the same (bad) experience with Gale Wings Talonflame :(
He was saying his gooey Goodra was female. This answer doesn't explain his problem.
Holy crap, my bad D:

I am so sorry, I didn't notice.

Then it has to do with dumb luck, as I see nothing wrong with his/ her approach :(