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I have a female 6IV appletun with a normal ability and a male appletun with thick fat. If I breed the two, is it possible for the child to have the hidden ability? I don't want to compromise Ivs for the hidden ability, so I wanted to know if I could get it this way, or if I have to just catch another one with better IVs.

I am not 100% sure but I think that the female needs to have the hidden ability because that is the species that you will receive.

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Unless you are breeding Pokemon with no gender, or you are breeding with a Ditto, the female must have the Hidden Ability in order to pass it down to the hatchlings. Even then, only 80% of them will get it.

As a solution to your problem, you can use a Ditto with both parents to flip the genders. Breed the female 6 IV with the Ditto for a few eggs, and pick the male with the best IVs. Have one of them hold the Destiny Knot to save as many of those perfect IVs as possible (and ideally, use a Ditto that also has great IVs). Then, swap the 6 IV female for the Hidden Ability male, and pick any female hatchling that has the Hidden Ability. Breed the 2 selected hatchlings to put the 2 halves together.