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Yes, I know this question was already asked but the responses varied (the top answer said no but there were people who said the top answer was outdated.)

So anyways, I'm trying to get a perfect analytic Magnezone in oras and I'm wondering if I breed with a Ditto if the HA can be passed down at all.

Edit: Is it also possible to breed genderless Pokemon for certain hidden powers or is that out of the question?

Hidden Power is determined by the combination of evens and odds in the Pokemon's IVs.  IV Breeding can be done with any breedable Pokemon.  All Pokemon have IVs.  It's usually more difficult, though, because of the need to locate Pokemon with IVs of 30, rather than the max of 31.

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Before Generation VI, it was not possible for male or genderless Pokémon to pass down their Ability in any way. Starting in Generation VI, however, if these Pokémon have their Hidden Ability and are bred with Ditto, they have a 20% chance to pass it down to their offspring. Ditto's Ability is always irrelevant to inheritance.

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