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I just got the event for a Super-Size Pumpkaboo and I was lucky and got its hidden ability :)
However, I would have liked a better nature (I got Timid, I don't want its Attack lowered) and I don't know how to pass down Hidden Abilities. So, how do I pass on Hidden Abilities?

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also, I dont know anything about passing on hidden abilities.

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As long as the parent has it's Hidden Ability, there is a chance that a HA will be passed down.

When breeding with two Pokémon from a same egg group, for example a Pumpkaboo and a Pumpkaboo, then only the female can pass down the Hidden Ability.
If you are breeding with Ditto however, both male and female can pass down the Hidden Ability.

Source: Experience

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ok, so all I have to do is catch a ditto at pokemon village, breed my male super size pumpkaboo, and wait till I get one with its hidden ability and a good nature, and because the pumpkapoo is super size, all the hatched ones will be too.

to bad the other abilities are better anyway:(  At least the event is the only way to get super size pumpkaboo with it's hidden ability:D
Thanks crimson
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Easy question. All you have to do is this

If it's female
Get the Pumpkaboo and another Pokemon from it's egg group that is male
The resulting baby has a chance of having it's hidden ability

If it's male
Get the Pumpkaboo and a ditto and the resulting baby has a chance to have it's hidden ability

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