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Since hidden abilities are usually determined by a female parent. And does said genderless need to breed with a non-Ditto Pokemon to pass down its hidden ability.


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No, it can't.
>Hidden Abilities cannot be passed down from male or genderless Pokémon, or when breeding with Ditto. -Bulbapedia

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You're wrong, and bulbapedia is outdated. I know I've passed down Magneton's HA breeding it with a ditto.
This is actually correct because this applies in Gen 5, and this question is for Gen 5. It doesn't apply to Gen 6, which is most likely where you did that.
Uh... you can't pass down abilities from girls, only the males have a slight chance of passing hidden abilities to eggs.
Source: Other posts related to this.
Yeah you can.
No.. the mother has the highest chance of passing down a Hidden Ability. The male had no chance of doing so in Gen V, but in Gen VI it has a small chance of doing so.