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thank you for the help sorry this is late but I have found out this also

there natures are random
and they might have chances so lets say if your Pokemon has no hidden ability there is a chance you will get one or the other [that if it has 2 different abilities] and that goes to hidden abilities
as well

also if you have a hidden ability Pokemon that your breading with the ditto [again that only if it has 2 hidden ability] random as well other wise you will get the ability you want 100%

also there is a rare rare chance that you could breed non hidden ability Pokemon with a ditto and get a hidden ability as well and if you breed a shiny along with that
there is a possible chance that it will be a shiny idk what the percentage is but I do know it possible

there is away to get the iv if you want there are the power items I don't recommend speed
[this is in oras] you check this web site
click here

then make the Pokemon you want to breed

and then do this problem
[stats you want] / [4]
and do this for all of the stats

warning make sure the evs for each stat do not go over 255
and the max the entire stats should never go over 510
or you will mess it up

i this case I want to train on cave of origin
then use sweet sent

look up the battles and read how many you need and just battle tell you get the the amount you will need do this for each stat

note to fact on level one they will not show there stats right away as they continue to level up
and this case the rise of the stat will show over time

if your speed stat is a little low for your lacking for your Pokemon witch it should state for your

mock up in the web site then train it on super training

hold it this will reduce stats for the others so be wise

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iirc it's 20% for males and 60% for females.
I think it all depends on the gender of the Pokemon with the HA, 60% for female, 20% for male. I don't think ditto changes that. Does anyone know if the 20% for male and 60% for female stack together?
btw coolingwalter did my answer help you?

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Both males and females have 60% chance of passing down their hidden ability when breeding with a ditto
Source:Experience & https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/2sp0eh/hidden_ability_breeding/

How do u "experience" a 60% chance?
Because when I breed ha pokes with ditto always most of them(usually 3 out of 5 eggs) have their HA
That isn't reliable, unless you've experimented with at least a 1000 eggs n then got ≈600 with HA then it's fine. Just Bcz it's a 60% chance doesn't mean you'll always get 3/5 eggs, Bcz in Pokémon probability doesn't add up. Every egg has a 60% chance then n the chance for all 5 eggs to have HA would be ≈7.8% which is low but still good enough, if this happened will u conclude that HA will be 100% passed down?
on my AS I have hatched about 2.500 eggs and about 1.500 are for HA breeding,and most of them had their HA
EDIT:that's why I said usually