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This is extremely frustrating. I have a male Harvest Trevenant I got in a trade from Japan. I'm breeding it with a Harvest female I bred from a trevenant I caught in a whord, but none of the offspring are inheriting the HA. I've hatched over 40 eggs with 0 Phantump that have Harvest (though I got a shiny from it with the very first offspring, which is more terrible luck than good since it has frisk). I need to know what i'm doing wrong. Is the only way to get the hidden ability from the Japanese Trevenant to breed it with ditto? By the way, breeding a normal male with the HA female produced the same results.

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You're either
1. Unlucky
2. Doing you're breeding methods wrong*

*try breeding your male trevenant with harvest with a ditto. It worked for me(ditto plus my protean frogadier = protean froakies.)

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